Vangelis does it again! With Rosetta

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Honestly I never thought that Vangelis would ever come back with yet another great album. After hearing his Rosetta I am so glad that I proved myself wrong. No artist on this planet can create that rich, lush and warm sound like Vangelis does. He is true to his own style. A style that is unique. I wish Jarre could do the same.

Rosetta is an album dedicated to the Rosetta space mission, and this is really space music at its best. Its not the most melodic album he has made. Its not in the neighbourhood of 1492, but this is more of a melodic ambient album. The music just draws me into an ethereal state of mind. So this is a must for all Vangelis fans or all fans of electronic music really. Its out now on all platforms so make sure you check it out. I have also tried making music like this, but offcourse nothing compares to the maestro himself. My track Exosphere maybe coming closest.

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