I am Ketil Lien. Many will know me as Wim as I started up using that particular artist name. Born and raised in Trondheim, Norway. I am a producer of electronic music in genres like ambient, new age, chillout and cinematic soundscapes.
Since I can remember I have always been fascinated by electronic sounds and music. After listening to the epic Oxygene album by Jean-Michel Jarre on my yellow walkman in the mid 80s I was completely sold. After that I was on a continous quest of finding more electronic artists. I discovered Vangelis and Tangerine Dream and later artists such as Gandalf, Patrick O'Hearn and various synthbands like Depeche Mode and Erasure.
I had a friend who had a home studio, and in the early 90s that was a really big thing. He had several synthesizers, a sampler, drum maschines and a mixing desk. But most importantly, he had a computer that he used as a sequencer. That was my first rendez-vous with Cakewalk and a DAW (digital audio workstation) I was so amazed by this studio and every once in a while we would visit him and take part in his music production. I decided right then that I had to get my own studio.
I managed to save up to a Pentium 486 computer, a Kawai K11 synthesizer and a version of Cakewalks sequencer software. I had some fun for a while but I got bored by the poor sounds of the K11 and got a synth module from Korg called the X5D. Much better sounds but not enough to satisfy me. Eventually I had no more money to spend on my hobby and slowly but surely my early days of music production came to an end.
Around 2002 I finally discovered the revolution that had occured with music software. Now you could buy complete digital audio workstations with integrated software instruments, where you could do all of your composing, mixing and even mastering. I purchased a new computer and a copy of Orion Platinum software, a DAW from Synapse Audio. Finally I had the tools to make the electronic music I never could in the 90s.
As the years went on the software got better along with the computers. Today I am using a DAW called Reaper and my favorite software instruments are Nexus 2 and Omnisphere. Lately I also have aqquired several hardware instruments in my studio setup.
It was around 2007 I started to submit my music to some labels specializing in electronic music. I then got signed by an English label called AD Music. Today however I relase and manage all my music on my own. I currently have released 7 albums of music and hopefully many more will follow.

Producer Ketil Lien

© 2017 by Ketil Lien. Trondheim. Norway

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