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Music and Sleep

November 5, 2017

Many of us uses music as a supplement for falling in sleep. Music and sleep has been a topic well researched for many years. Personally I have used certain type of music to help me relax and sleep all my adult life and this is a subject more relevant than ever in our continous hectic lives. Todays stress and constant lack of time leaves us with a mind that has a big difficulty shutting down. We use more and more time in front of various screens and our lifestyles are changed on so many levels compared to only ten years ago. Music and sleep is a topic that I have embraced and I always try to implement a sense of calmness and soothing atmospheres in my music.

I read this research report on students and sleep. The report concluded that students that used music for helping them sleep not only slept better than students withouth any musical aid, but also achieved better academic results. This proves my point exactly. Music and sleep is complementary and I have no doubt that my music will help people in that matter as well. A good thing about this easy listening music that helps you relax and sleep is that its used by people that rarely listens to this kind of genre. I have had friends come up to me that are hardcore metal and rock fans, claiming my music is perfect when they need to sleep or just calm down in the evening. We all now getting enough sleep is crucial for a healthy life. All research shows that a lack of sleep increases the posibility for heart disease and obesity. Consentration gets bad and your a hazard behind the wheel of a car. Young and old can all get sleeping disorders and if you havent allready tried relaxing music as a remedy you should try it. Go to my music page and I promise you will find music that is soothing and relaxing. Music and sleep is more important than ever. Sleep well my friends, and happy dreams.




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