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Music and Sleep part II

November 17, 2017


Why is it that music and sleep complement each other so well? I was reading this article and it concluded that people who listens to relaxing music before they tuck in sleeps longer in the morning and they wake up fewer times during the night. This is primary for older people, but I’m sure it relates just as well to the younger generations. As you know I have always been listening to soothing music when I go to bed but I must admit that Netflix and other video stream services have taken over more and more and there is no doubt I sleep much worse after a show on the screen than I do after a few tunes of easy listening music from Enya or some new age music from David Arkenstone.




The short answer is offcourse they do. In the mentioned article young people were given the opportunity to choose from listening to some relaxing music like classical music, audiobooks or nothing at all before going to sleep.  The study concluded that those who listened to music had much better sleeping quality than the individuals with no aid.




Why do you think all the spa’s around the globe only plays new age music and other easy listening music? In order to enjoy and benefit from the pleasures of a spa it is essential that you are relaxed right? Well guess what? It is proven beyond doubt that relaxing music have a big influence on the parasympathetic nervous system in the brain, helping you to calm down and be more ready for the sandman. So there is a reason they don’t play Iron Maiden or Metallica at the spa. Relaxing spa music helps you enjoy your day with the towels much much more.




Its hard to give advice about this since our preferences are so different.  Music and sleep is all about lowering that heart rate.  I will say that in my opinion the bpm should not exceed 100. Preferably it should be between 60 and 90 bpm. But there is no rule here. There is some great relaxing music like melodic trance that has 130 bpm, and I even bet that some people like to hear Iron maiden as well. My advice nevertheless, if you would like to implement music to help you sleep better is to start with some new age music like Gandalf, David Arkenstone or some electronic music from the likes of  David Helpling or Jon Jenkins. And offcourse my own music is also a good place to start off. You can check out Ketil Lien here.

Finally I would like to say that if you decide to try music and sleep, don’t use headphones. They are disturbing when you lie down not relaxing. 


This is the article I referred to by the way. Try some relaxing music or easy listening music tonight. You will not be sorry in the morning.

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