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Why Easy Listening Music is Healthy

November 27, 2017

Have you wondered why people need music to relax? Why it feels so good to listen to easy listening music?


Music, whether it is new age music or even relaxing spa music, has a calming effect on you. You may have experienced this when you come home after a hard day at work and turn on your favorite new age music track on your iPhone. It makes you feel at peace and feel so much better about your life and circumstances.


There is an enormous amount of research done by scientists which indicates the calming effect that music has on your nerves. The combination of music with fragrance puts the body into a state of heightened restfulness and sleep. There is nothing like listening to good, relaxing, easy listening music and sleep for an hour or two on a Sunday afternoon to completely rejuvenate and refresh you.


You can listen to any sort of music, but slow music or easy listening music, such as new age music or relaxing spa music is recommended. Even the chirping of birds can really calm you after a stressful day at the office.


 According to researchers from the University of South Alabama, USA, listening to music after a particularly stressful day can help eliminate the negative thoughts in your mind, even more so than sitting in silence.

Music has a great influence on the body and the psyche. Here’s what listening to easy listening music can do for your mind, body and soul…


#1: Listening to music helps stimulate the neurons in the brain; it improves concentration and focus and makes you mentally alert. It has the effect of putting you into calm, quiet and meditative state.


 #2: Listening to music not only stimulates the neurons in the brain, it also improves the other functions of the body. It slows down the heart rate, leads to slower breathing and makes you much more relaxed.


#3: Psychiatrists recommend music therapy to those suffering from anxiety and depression. Listening to easy listening music makes you much more optimistic about life and eliminates the dark thoughts or the negativity entirely.


#4: Music can help lower blood pressure. It lowers the risk of heart attack and stroke and boosts immunity. It helps reduce the muscle tension that you have felt.


#5: Listening to new age music or relaxing spa music can be described as a deeper and more effective way of meditation. It puts you into a state of inner peace and a complete stillness of thought or mindfulness that is the same as meditation.


#6: It is important to get good, quality sleep. Sleep is just as critical to your physical and mental health as exercise and a healthy diet. The effects of music and sleep are also well known – listening to music really does improve the quality of sleep. You will not suffer from restlessness while at sleep, or from insomnia if you make it a habit to listen to easy listening music before going to bed.



These are just some of the reasons why music is the ultimate stress-buster and can help relax you.  But remember – you should only listen to soft or easy listening music and not loud music or rock music. That could have an opposite effect on you.



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