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Why Relaxing Music is Healthy

December 6, 2017


The scientific benefits of relaxing music.
Listening to music is good for your health. Music can sooth a broken heart, motivate athletes, and boost a dance party. Studies have shown that music improves functioning of memory, improves workouts and increases the rate of healing and much more. 
This is a science fact. Goodt music producers like Ketil Lien are aware of this. Ketil produces electronic music like chillout, new age, ambient and cinematic soundscapes. He is driven by the following scientific benefits of music.

1. It improves memory. 

Patients who suffer memory loss can remember specific lyrics and songs. That’s why doctors and therapists often use music to help them retrieve the lost memory. Music can trigger memories from a specific period in time. If you want to remember something from the past, just listen to music you used you listen to during that specific time. 
Research shows that the best music for people with memory loss is the music of their choice.

2. Improves workout exercises
Music can distract you from bodily consciousness such as pain and aches of working out. Listening to relaxing music like the one produced by Ketil helps to release endorphins in the brain. This increases your excitement and stabilizes your immune system. 
High levels of endorphin improve the negative feelings of stress. Research has shown that cyclists work harder and cycle longer distances when listening to fast-paced music compared to low-tempo music.
For workouts like lifting weight and running, music can assist in regulating the rhythm. This helps to distribute energy evenly throughout the workout to avoid exhausting yourself before the exercise time is over.
Check out Ketil Lien and create a playlist of his relaxing music just for your gym sessions.  


3. Music as a healing factor
A study done in Austria’s General Hospital in Salzburg found that patients with back problems reported less pain and healed faster after listening to relaxing music during the rehabilitation process. 
Music plays a major role in both emotional and physical well being. It connects with the nervous system and limbic system. Slow music slows the heat beat and blood pressure drops. It helps patients to relax and eventually speed up the recovery period.

4. Reduces stress and eases anxiety
Studies have found out that music links to the emotions and therefore a great factor to consider during stress management sessions. Music relaxes the mind. The extent at which music can change brain functioning can be compared to the medication itself. Since music is readily available and affordable, it an easy and effective stress reduction tool. 
Ketil’s music has the qualities recommended for stress patients like:
. Celtic, stringed instruments, flutes and drums
. Sounds of nature such as wind, thunder and rain
. Easy listening music and classical music.

5. Music improves the quality of sleep.
Music is good for people with insomnia and other sleeping disorders. A study subjected some participants into a lab. They were split into 3 groups. One group listened to classical music, the second listened to audio bedtime stories and the third one was not monitored.
The participants who listened to the music improved the quality of their sleep significantly. They also reduced depressive symptoms. There were no statistical results for participants in the other groups. 
Get into the groove and improve the quality of your life with Ketil Lien's relaxing music.

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