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Here’s Why People Use Relaxing Electronic Music to Chill Out.

February 15, 2018

When someone mentions easy listening music, your mind might
not necessarily jump to electronic music. After all, that genre of music has a
reputation for being dancey, wild, and energetic - the opposite of what you’d
want when you need something to help you calm down and unwind. But this is far
from true.


Contrary to stereotypes, electronic music isn’t one
extremely specific and definitive genre. Instead, it is broken up into
countless different styles. One particular sub-genre in the large umbrella of
electronic music is chill out music. Named after the common colloquial phrase,
chill out music first emerged in the music scene in the middle of the 90’s,
aptly appearing in areas of dance clubs and bars which were called Chill Rooms.
These rooms were designed to allow clubgoers to relax from the upbeat and
heavy-hitting music playing outside.


Since then, electronic chill out music has made its way to
easy listening channels, where it has evolved to be known by other names, such
as soft techno or even smooth electronica. There is no fixed criteria for this
kind of music - only that it uses electronic sounds in a relaxed and calming
way. Often, chill out music uses a mixture of ambient sounds created with
electronics and dubs, mixed in with some soothing and calming rhythms that one
may recognize from hip hop sampling.


Today, chill out music is no longer confined to the back
rooms of clubs, instead taking on a life of its own and entering the market at
full speed. Here are just some of the reasons that people use relaxing
electronic music to chill out!


It is an alternative to traditional easy listening or ambient sounds.
It provides a balance.
You can still groove to it.


Some chill out music is doesn’t have too much of a beat, but
most of them have audible baselines and drum sounds that warrant a little
movement here and there. The perception that relaxing music has to be quiet and
rely on piano instrumentals is heavily misleading - relaxing music is perfectly
capable of giving you something to groove to at the end of a long day without
being obnoxious.

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