November 20, 2018

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New Age Music part II

November 20, 2018

New age music


The stress releasing and soothing power of music is well known since ages.Lullabies
not only calm down a crying baby but were great in inducing a peaceful
sleep.Listening to your favorite music before bed can be one of the best
techniques to relax.


The fast-paced life has made our lives so busy that we are left with little time
for rest.The National Institute of Neurological Disorders conducted a study to
learn the sleep patterns in people of different age groups.As per the results,
there are an alarming 40 million people in America who suffer from chronic
sleep problems.Making the matter, even more, worse is an additional 20 million
population who find sleeping very difficult.


Alot of research has been carried out to study the impact of music on sleep.The
studies claim to establish the relaxing power of music and its positive effects
on sleep.

Benefits of Music
The different ways in which music relaxes and reduces stress and anxiety are Decrease in heart rate
Music acts as an excellent relaxant by decreasing the rate of your heartbeat.It slows
down your breath and calms you down.After meditation music is considered to
have the potential of decreasing blood pressure and anxiety.It reduces the
activities of the nervous system and is capable of treating sleep disorders
like insomnia by bringing down the secretion of stress hormone.

Impact of music on brain

Music triggers the release of dopamine a neurotransmitter responsible for emotional
responses.It initiates a feeling of pleasure and satisfaction.This feel-good
chemical has a major role to play in a person’s mood.One of the studies
conducted in a reputed research institute reports that music has the capacity
to increase the activity of the brain and make you happy and cheerful.

Besides listening to music learning to play a musical instrument can be beneficial in
children. Studies show children who play musical instruments are less prone to speech
disabilities and are good at multitasking.This proves that music is not only
good for adults but for children too.


Music for Entertainment
Music puts aside all your worries from examination fear to a business meeting and
tops the list when it comes to entertainment.About 93 percent Americans are
passionate about music and spend on an average 25 hours in a week listening to
music. Whether it is a birthday party, a new year party, a wedding or a Christmas party it
does not look complete without your favorite track being played.People have
become tuned to the new age electronic music to have an enjoyable time.


Electronic music makes use of different types of digital and electronic instruments to
produce a melodious tune.There is a range of electronic music the young
generation loves to listen.Hip-hop, disco hardcore and jazz are on the top of
the list.It is the best way to chill out for the young generation.

Music besides having a major role to play in the health and well being of an
individual is also the biggest form of entertainment.So next time when you find
yourself awake at 3 AM or find yourself to be depressed just turn on your
favorite song and let all your fears and worries take a back seat.


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